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  • PERB Still Investigating: Federal Law or Something Else...
    Jan 31, 2011

    Brothers & Sisters:

    California's PERB is still investigating the Union's ULP charge filed late last year.  The question before the board now is whether to apply the federal law, and if not, which rules will be relied upon to arrive at a board finding.  Unfortunately, this process is moving along slowly (as is to be expected), but please know that the Union continues to fight for your rights, not only with the PERP ULP charge, but also with the D.C. DoL office.


    Waiting On PERB Decision
    Jan 19, 2011

    Brothers & Sisters:

    As of today, the Union still awaits a decision from California's PERB.  On this front, the fundamental issue continues to be whether SDCC is the successor employer, as alleged by the Union, and if so, whether SDCC therefore has legal standing to challenge the Union's claim that the Union still represents a majority interest of the bargaining unit.  If PERB finds that the Union does represent a majority interest, the expectation is that bargaining would commence shortly thereafter.  If, on the other hand, PERB finds that majority status is unclear, the expectation is that an election would be called.

    Continue to check back at this location for updates. 

    PERP Begins Investigation
    Dec 18, 2010

    GLFI Brothers & Sisters:

    The California PERB has begun an investigation to determine whether the Union has a prima facie case, one that is evident at first view and not needing further investigation. If we do have a prima facie case, the Union will take the necessary next steps. If we do not, there will be a formal PERB hearing. Please continue to check back for updates.

    SDCC Does Not Recognize Union
    Dec 06, 2010

    GLFI Brothers & Sisters:

    In response to an Oct 7, 2010, letter from Local 504 (the "Union") to San Diego Community College ("SDCC"), SDCC's legal counsel responded to the Union with a Nov 24, 2010, letter stating the following, in brief:

    (1) At the present time, SDCC does not recognize the Union;

    (2) SDCC will comply with the requirements of the Service Contract Act, which does not require adoption of a previous collective bargaining agreement;

    (3) All employees who worked for the predecessor employer (DuLuth/Florida) and who timely applied for positions with SDCC have been hired by SDCC, which amounts to approximately 92 in number, as of Oct 1, 2010; and,

    (4) Once an exclusive representative (the Union) is certified under the rules of the California Public Employment Relations Board (PERB), SDCC will be prepared to negotiate.


    As of today, the Union is awaiting PERB to decide that either (1) SDCC must recognize the Union as the exclusive representative--as the Union does in fact represent a majority interest--and thus begin negotiating a contract with the Union, or (2) it is not clear whether the Union represents a majority interest, and thus require an election to determine majority interest.

    Please check back for updates.


    Let's Stay United
    Dec 06, 2010

    GLFI Brothers and Sisters: As the situation at Great Lakes--and the consequent impact on each of us--continues to unfold, your Local 6362 leadership, in conjunction with the Local 504 office, has set up this special area for Great Lakes Instructors to gain insight and understanding with facts and clarity instead of rumors and speculation. Our last general membership meeting at the Ramada was a great start.  Many agreed at that meeting that in an effort to maintain unity and face the challenges ahead, creating a venue to share information was our first priorty. 

    Therefore, this resource has been created as part of our collective effort to stay abreast of new developments, communicate those developments in a clear and consistent manner and remind ourselves of why we have a Union in the first place.  Based on recent actions and communications between Local 504 and the new employer, understanding the value of your Union is more important now than ever before. 

    Check back regularly for updates. 

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